Fixing your home, building a new home or remodeling your home is a complex
ordeal. Quality, cost, warranty, time and stress are all concerns that new home
owners have when building or remodeling their home. Despite the complicated
nature of building a new home or remodel, real representation for the home owner
is non-existent. We’d like to change that.

Castle Construction Advisors represents you the homeowner to your contractor
before, during, and after the construction of your home. With our service, you will
pay less for the project, receive a higher quality home and it will be a less stressful
experience. Contractor fraud is virtually eliminated. Castle Construction Advisors
will also guide you through the contracting process should you wish to contract the
project yourself.
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up to 50%  We are construction consultants serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul and
Western Wisconsin areas.

With our service, you'll pay less for your new home or remodel, even when
our fees are added to the total cost when we represent you to your
You can pocket the net savings or spend it on an upgrade. Click
here to learn more on how we actually save you money.

Don’t make one of the biggest decisions of your life without our experienced
construction advisors at your side.

With direct Job Site Involvement we act as your owner representative. We
represent the owners interest and establish excellent working relationships with the
architect, designer and general contractors.
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important to have an advisor on your project.

We help build a better project by eliminating conflicts between the tradesman, the
architects and general contractor. Conflicts will lower the construction quality and
cause costly overruns.

We lower your stress, when you are unable to devote the time, or are not familiar
with the workings of a construction project.

We formulate a project plan which carefully defines the responsibility of the
owner, the architect, tradesmen and general contractors.

We increase your chance of having the project completed on budget and on

We keep you informed by carrying out site reviews, progress reports, order and
material reviews and inventories.

We carefully define your project with a detailed feasibility study. Avoid costly and
unnecessary material orders.

Check out our
FAQ page for our most commonly asked questions.

Contact Castle Construction Advisors and start getting the right advice and
answers today.

We are your roof and siding experts in the Minneapolis St. Paul area!
It’s time to realize your dreams.
We're revolutionizing the way people fix, remodel and build their homes!
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